how to connect soundcore speakers together

How to Connect Soundcore Speakers Together (Step-By-Step Guide)

In this article you will know about can you connect Soundcore speakers together. If yes, then how you can link your multiple Soundcore speakers together? Let’s get started.

Can You Link Two Soundcore Speakers Together?

Yes, it is possible you can pair two Soundcore Speakers together easily. If you want to increase your sound quality and boost your sound system then you should link your both Soundcore Speakers. 

This process will be helpful for your sound quality and give you the best experience.

To connect both Soundcore Speakers follow the below steps. You can make easily pair of both Soundcore speakers.

How to Connect Soundcore Speakers Together?

Here I am starting to tell you how you can link two Soundcore speakers together. 

To make a quick link together both speakers follow the below guide step by step.

  1. Firstly, place both Soundcore Speakers close to each other and the distance between both speakers should be less than 5 meters. 
  2. Then press the power button on the Speakers and turn on both of them and make sure no electronic thing between them. 
  3. Now hold the Bluetooth button on both Speakers at the same time for 10 seconds and then the white light will flash on the Bluetooth button.
  4. Now wait for  5-10 seconds, and you will hear the beep sound which means your both Soundcore speakers will link successfully. 
  5. One of them the Bluetooth indicator will be blinking white light on the Speaker which means this is the main speaker. You can pair any device with the main speaker.

Does Soundcore 2 have Partycast?

Soundcore speakers are different brands and these have many types of speakers. Every type of Soundcore speaker has a different feature of quality.

If you have Anker Soundcore  3 and Mini 3 then you can connect together the soundbar via  PartyCast.

But the Soundcore 2 speaker can not connect via PartyCast because it has no PartyCast feature.

The Soundcore 2 speaker has True Wireless Stereo mode, this mode helps you to connect the same type of speaker together.

Does Soundcore trance have PartyCast?

In the Soundcore Trans speakers, the PartyCast mode is already installed. You can easily connect an unlimited number of PartyCast-compatible speakers. 

If your Soundcore Trans speaker is unable to enter PartyCast mode then follow the below steps.

PartyCast – Primary Speaker

Press the power button and turn on it.

Now firstly connect the soundcore to your mobile phone.

Then press the PartyCast button on your Soundcore Trans speaker for 3-5 seconds until the white light starts blinking.

The white light on the primary speaker will flash at all times. Now we will connect the secondary speaker via PartyCast. 

PartyCast – Secondary Speaker

Similarly, press the power button for turning on the speaker and then press and hold the Party Cast button for 3-5 seconds till the white light starts blinking.

Tap twice the PartyCast button for pairing to the primary speaker. 

After 5 seconds the speaker will be connected. If your Soundcore Trans Speaker connected successfully via PartyCast then the solid light will be flash on the secondary speaker. 

Note: Keep in mind when you connect the Soundcore Trance speakers to each other via PartyCast there should not be any electronic device between them and their distance should be approximately 5 meters.

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